Since the Internet service provider has bribes Spammers

The engine of spam e-mails. You must be able to send many of them there on an ongoing basis to stay in business. "As a high-profile spammers can send 80 million pieces of spam every day. Yes, a person.

Internet service providers in the online world have pledged to stop spammers sending such large quantities of e-mail through their e-mail server. Do they really keep their word? While the end user sees is that spam is still to come. There must be some mistake. There is.

In soft white underbelly of the Internet, there is something the so-called pink contract. The word pink comes from the famous canned meat junk e-mails to his name. A pink contract is simply a trade agreement between the ISP and the spammer. The spammer agrees to pay the Internet service provider to ignore the junk email passing through their mail servers.

Without doubt, this is a bad business for the ISP? Now the answer to the questions are: Yes and no, this is bad news for the people, the junk mail and is not good news for ISPs bank balance sheets. A month has passed, the amounts paid ISP $ 10,000 upwards. Given that the average duration of "working at home spammers average of 100,000 U.S. dollars net per year, the figure is small change for the meimost providers of spam (the boy who earn $ 200,000 - $ 400,000 per month).

But... Can Spam Act 2003... Which certainly make a difference? Of course, Each Internet service provider in the United States may be in serious, serious trouble for signing pink contracts. The problem is that there are a large number of locations around the World Wide Web to the outside world and the vast majority of pink contracts are signed with Internet service providers overseas, where U.S. authorities have no jurisdiction - China and Russia are perfect examples.

There is no moral to this story. Spam is a major problem was that finally taken seriously by government agencies. However until they start imposing prison sentences or seizure orders on those individuals and companies in the pink contract business the problem can only continue.

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